Well-known restaurateur Charles (Chuck) Frank brings his expertise to MacArthur Park in Palo Alto

Well-known restaurateur Charles (Chuck) Frank brings his expertise to MacArthur Park in Palo Alto, a project that is close to Frank’s heart. The restaurant’s relaunch is a homecoming for both Frank and partner Chef Faz Poursohi: Frank hired Poursohi out of Chicago in 1981 after visiting the city’s top-rated rib joints with Spectrum Foods’ partner Larry Mindel. “We spent ten days eating ribs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” said Frank. They were so impressed, they returned and transitioned MacArthur Park in San Francisco to one of the leading “rib joints” on the West Coast.

“I’ve worked on a lot of restaurants, but MacArthur Park is my baby,” said Frank, who is well known for steering dozens of eateries, from Prego and Ciao to Johnny Rockets, to success. “I’m a real believer in the importance of a restaurant having its own unique personality,” said Frank. He brought vision to the remodel and redesign of the restaurant’s historic World War I- era Julia Morgan building, working with Mark Stevens of San Francisco’s Architecture and Light, to provide new carpet, new hardwood floors, a clean, refreshed interior, a refurbished patio and artwork from the original MacArthur Park in San Francisco. “The timing was right to give the restaurant some much needed TLC,” said Frank.

Frank and Poursohi are committed to revitalizing the menu at MacArthur Park with fresh local ingredients and Poursohi’s award-winning Oakwood smoked baby back ribs. “I’m the numbers expert and Faz is the food partner, and we are both restaurateurs. But we have an easy working relationship—always giving each other feedback to find ways to continually improve the food and give customers what they want.”

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