MacArthur Park Restaurant: History and Finery in Palo Alto

It’s always sublime, when you can step back in time, and usher in some history to augment a delicious dining experience. Such is the case with MacArthur Park in Palo Alto, whose structure dates back to 1918.

For those of you who have been to the Hearst Castle, you may remember that the architecture was partially due to the finesse of Julia Morgan, who put her stamp on many of the buildings on the property. Julia’s expertise threads throughout the skeleton of MacArthur Park. ¬†Simply look up at the rafters and you’ll be taken way back in time.

MacArthur Park was once a Hostess House for visiting families of servicemen during World War 1. Since then, the building has had a few incarnations, but from 1981, it’s operated as a restaurant, reclaimed by its original owner, Chuck Frank, and the original chef, Faz Poursohi, showcasing his refurbished menu.

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